Cylemmulo 2013. márc. 4. @ de. 6:44
Tip for low end computers/netbooks
So i tried this out on my ATIV tablet (atom processor) figured it would be fine and it ran terrible, like slow motion. But after disabling the tv simulation border it ran fine, must be some weird issue with it. Just thought I would share incase anyone else was having issues.
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Syrsly 2013. jún. 26. @ de. 7:14 
It probably isn't going to run well on a netbook regardless of what you do... unless your netbook kicks ♥♥♥. Maybe I'm just living in the past, when netbooks sucked.
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Cylemmulo 2013. jún. 28. @ de. 11:23 
This literally is a game that they made to be able to play on a nintendo. Like the original nintendo with like a 5mhz processor. It shoudl play perfect on any netbook, you can play freaking morrowind on netbooks.
briprov  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jún. 28. @ du. 4:34 
It has to do with the 3D rendering/pixel shaders. Despite being a 2D game, with TV Simulation mode, it's using 3D hardware and pixel shaders. If you have an old graphics card, such as that of a low end netbook (PS 2.0) you will likely have a performance issue. When it's disabled, it's blistering fast and should run on anything from the past 10 years.
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