dahlgren 2013年2月27日上午9:40
Linux Version
Any chance of a Linux version and in the future steambox?
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Syrsly 2013年6月26日上午7:20 
I'm pretty sure that if the game doesn't support the OS, the OS can support the game. This is Linux we're talking about. Just install the additional WINE and Windows/DirectX libraries. There is a tool that automates emulating a Windows environment in Linux without running a virtual machine, so you could try that. If the game is .NET, the devs could also run the game with Mono.
SickBoy 2013年9月26日上午11:20 
Was about to make a new thread to mention that it works on Linux, but figured it'd be best placed here.

Using WINE the game runs perfectly. No need for custom changes or setups, I'd consider it a "platinum"-quality game on there. No slowdowns, no sound/graphics issues... it just plain works!

I'd still love for the devs to consider a native Linux port, but in the meantime it works just fine with WINE.
Arndt 2014年2月26日下午11:25 
+1 for native Linux! =D
[KotOcT] Laidbackuser 2014年2月27日上午12:05 
I don't use Linux, but I plan on using it! Hope there is support for linux in the future.
fernj 2014年4月21日上午8:07 
+1 steamos support!
clel 2014年4月21日下午12:05 
GamingPenguin(LINUX) 2014年11月12日上午9:29 
+1 for native Linux version
MachineBoy 2014年11月12日下午12:44 
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