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P51mus 2013年1月12日 22時49分
You have entered a cheat code
Now you have to pick up everything you found in the last hour again, because the game won't let you save.

After wandering around town for about an hour, picking up loot bags and looking at fines, right after the point it encourages me to, I wander into a cheat code posted up on a wall. The way it's written the game practically begs me to input it to find out what it does. Then afterward the game informs me I can't save anymore. Seriously, having something that can cause a complete waste of time with no prior warning like that is dumb. Especially if the way you present it encourages the player to do so.
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Naked Snake 2013年1月14日 7時15分 
Sux. I will keep that in mind.
Dune Tiger 2013年1月14日 14時07分 
It tells you the second you enter it in.
Xel'Naga 2013年4月3日 16時39分 
Yes, but it don't warn you BEFORE. I had the exact same thing... Had to reload a previous save-game just because it didn't warned me.
Spectrum Legacy 2013年4月5日 8時18分 
To be honest, it happened to me as well. John Romero told me, how to become god-like and I did as he said. Since its Romero himself after all! Lost some progress because of entering code. Had to suck it up...once again! This lesson reminded me of old games, where you couldn't save at all and death = gameover and fresh start, if you were willing to, that is. So I think its intentional and it even made me laugh later on, when thought about it. Cheats are nearly as evil as easy difficulty in games...
pc130u 2013年4月13日 18時05分 
ok i think somthing is wrong with my game because i tried every code but nothing
somone tell me what is wrong
Spectrum Legacy 2013年4月14日 12時53分 
You can enter those movement codes anytime during a mission (I entered each code only once during a storymode later on, to see what they actualy do). All you have to do is examine code, memorize it and then move/press the keys in fast succession in correct order. It should work...but save your game before entering any code, just in case. Then there are those codes that unlock bonus faces, which can be entered only in MJ's shop.
pc130u 2013年4月15日 16時50分 
ok i will try
pc130u 2013年4月15日 17時01分 
thx alot
DrunkSquirrel 2013年5月28日 3時25分 
I play about 2 hours and almost collect all lootbags and phonen. Then, oh, look! Cheatcode. Let's try... FUUUUU
gamerfieldy 2013年6月25日 11時22分 
I guess some of you forgot or didn't know that back in the day, some cheatcodes, indeed caused problems in games such as being unable to save once you enter any cheat codes. So my hats off to the developers for remembering and paying tribute to it. Also, the other lesson from back in that time period is to save OFTEN if you are able. Feel free to enter more cheat codes guys :p
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honelith 2013年6月26日 5時21分 
Haha, oldschool gaming at its best, you really were at the mercy of the devs back then...
StealthMomo 2013年6月26日 7時35分 
Most of NES game have no save feature. They just loop. I'd prefer if this game will just auto-save not manual save.
ellen_page 2013年6月30日 4時09分 
the whole "it's intentional! it's just like NES games!" thing is a serious stretch.
Spectrum Legacy 2013年6月30日 4時14分 
If I remember correctly, game does autosave at certain events, like after you finish a medal challange for example. But do not rely on it too much.
Monolith Preacher 2013年7月12日 1時37分 
It serves you right for cheating. Anyone who says they "were not warned" is forgetting the fact that they were inputting a sequence of buttons that made no sense in-game, and thus knew it was a cheat code. If you can install Steam you've played enough games to know when you're entering a cheat code, and deserve the consequences. I dred to think what you'd be like on CVIII...
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