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ABedardo 2013年1月10日 19時17分
Recalibrating Controller
Hello. I play on a 360 controller, and it asks me to choose my button layout when i started the game, which I did. I want to change my custom layout, but don't see where/how I can
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ABedardo 2013年1月11日 15時28分 
Madner 2013年1月22日 13時02分 
Same problem here, can anyone please help?
Madner 2013年1月22日 14時01分 
Ok you can choose buttons in the "choose controller" menu. I was there 10 times and i have not seen it
ABedardo 2013年1月22日 19時09分 
lol. yeah. i figured it out. they need to make that text bigger. lol. would've posted to my own solution, but with no one answering i assumed no one else was having the issue
Alien Nudes 2月22日 11時15分 
i am i wish they would put in some option for it
bripro  [開発者] 2月22日 12時37分 
Go to the Help & Options -> Controls -> Select Game Controller then press (Y) to Calibrate.
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