Sir Spodermen 2013年1月7日下午6:16
Workshop for Retro city Rampage
Hey guys
just asking a question to you all
leave a word on what you think about this.

-Would you like a workshop for retro City rampage?-
What do you think?
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kiwiphoenix 2013年2月4日上午3:46 
if you could get enough mods for it on here. then again, there are workshops with only 7 mods
***** 2013年2月4日下午1:25 
How can you create extra content for RCR? Is there a way to add maps, missions or cars?
Sir Spodermen 2013年2月4日下午2:11 
You cant. Thats why a workshop would be great!!!!
***** 2013年2月7日上午11:15 
I think it would be great idea. But you need an editor first.
Sir Spodermen 2013年2月7日下午1:49 
I hope Vblank make one!
LILJJH2000 2013年2月15日下午7:44 
definatly .I would like to see everyones cool creations
SmokerCraft 2013年2月23日下午4:00 
hell ya i love this game!!!!
最后由 SmokerCraft 编辑于; 2013年2月23日下午4:01
NoTanFightFan 2013年2月26日下午3:35 
I wish. I've looked all over hoping to find some PC mods for this game, to prolong the fun, but I can't find any. Adding Steam Workshop for this game would be great.
Cramberry 2013年6月26日下午4:36 
how can i get mods?
briprov  [开发者] 2013年6月26日下午8:36 
I'm testing the waters by opening it up with this initial modding functionality. If there's strong community support, I will add more modding functionality and Workshop.
generatedname 2013年6月27日上午8:32 
when the dude announced the latest update that launched with the daily sale, I was hoping to see a workshop page.

This makes the most sense for a mod-able steam game.

Right now, I can't find where to get mods. I assume people will need to create third party websites for hosting them for the modding community.
最后由 generatedname 编辑于; 2013年6月27日上午8:38
Cramberry 2013年7月8日下午5:01 
Yeah, I know how to make mods though. Just ask me if you want one, I'm not very good at making them though
emcitement 2013年7月11日上午2:12 
yeah, mod support is great but I don't know where to look to get mods for this game.
tbh, the only major thing I'd like to do is change the look of the main character.
Cramberry 2013年7月11日下午5:44 
I know how to change the main character but only for free mode :/
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