Rebirth47 2013 年 04 月 17 日 @ 下午 2 時 53 分
Question about Dance Player, Dance! achievement.
Do you have to get maximum threat level without getting hit and then go a minute without getting hit or can you just get hit before reaching maximum level and avoid the cops/army for a minute? Also does it matter if you try this in free roam or story mode?
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u4icsmith 2013 年 05 月 17 日 @ 上午 8 時 56 分 
Basically go nuts to get your max threat (doesn't matter if you get hit, but it'll help if you have a lot of health once you start to run away for the full minute, so try to keep your health up) and then run away from the cops for a full minute.
ChaosBahamut 2013 年 05 月 29 日 @ 下午 12 時 41 分 
To make it easier, use the Death Powerup if you can afford it. Only the robo-cops will be able to do anything to you (and even then they'll just reduce your power bar, no damage), making this achievement quite easy.
xbutou 2013 年 06 月 9 日 @ 下午 7 時 30 分 
On one of the missions, you come out of a man hole with max threat. Now keep on running while mashing the space bar. Run in a straight line while jumping for 1 minute. It was quite easy for me
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