Lelo4Ever 2013. márc. 23. @ du. 9:21
How to change resolution inside the game?
I know the game assumes the desktop resolution, but since I'm using the desktop at 1600 x 900 (I'm using a laptop), the scaling is a bit messed...

I would like to "force" the game into a more "default" resolution (like 1280 x 720) so the game can scale properly... but I found no way to do that (beside change the desktop resolution prior entering the game)?

Are there command line options that can "force" the resolution while opening? I couldn't find them...

Can anybody help? bripro? are ya there?... lolz...
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Majister 2013. márc. 23. @ du. 9:24 
I have not got the game yet but planning to buy it if no one wants my Don't Starve for one. Should be in options and I think there is no console input.
Cairn.L 2013. márc. 24. @ de. 2:45 
First turn off "TV Simulation Mode" and then turn on "Widescreen".
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