dart193 Nov 18, 2013 @ 1:52am
[BUG/CRASH] Jumping with sweat man on northern part of the damb.
If you try to rapidly jump on most northern avaliable part of the city - and it is the damb, with sweat man, Y coordiante will overflow, and game will try to position camera below the city. If done rapidly, camera will soon reach southern part of the city, and will continue to move into ocean, which results in a crash after few seconds.

As this game simulates NES, it would probably be better if character actually warps and some weird glitch would occur rather than game crash. Or crash should look like a NES one (with frozen sound and buggy screen).

Note: you must jump on most northern part, wich is non standable (damb safe border), it would write DONT FALL IN (in the water) if jumped in correct spot.
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