Raynor Jan 27 @ 1:22pm
Remapping Keys - Arcade Cabinet
Saw this game on sale, and thought it would be a great addition for my arcade-cabinet. Mame + a few steam games. When using the "Arcade" border, it looks great, but can't really be played.

The lack of ability to re-map the keys makes the game practically unplayable. I'm using the standard I-Pac controller which takes the button presses and converts them to keystrokes.

There are a few programs VJoy that let me setup a virtual joystick, but having to setup that functionality unique to each game becomes quite the hassle.

Is there any plans to add this functionality or even any 3-rd party mods/ config files that can be edited? It really is a fun, silly game.

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bripro  [developer] Jan 27 @ 9:34pm 
Does the cabinet not support mapping to controllers? You can customize controller input.
Raynor Jan 27 @ 10:12pm 
Depends on the type of controller board used to hook-up the system. I-pac converts to keyboard, while an A-pac converts the input to a controller. Pro/cons to both. I-pac makes things a lot easier for most games. Since most games allow you to remap keys, you very rarely run into issues outside of a few multiplayer games like castle crashers/jamestown.

Such a standard feature of nearly any game, not really sure how hard it would have been to include the keymapping anyway, even if it loaded from a config file. Disappointing loss of $4, just glad I didn't get suckered when it was full price.
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