Unkle Jul 22, 2014 @ 8:17pm
Red Dead Redemption Demake/Mod?
What do you guys think? I'd personally like to see either an official RDR demake by the dev, or maybe some sort of total conversion mod that replaces grand-thef-auto-esque systems, weapons, vehicles, people, and the map itself with something much more RDR-like. Maybe even DLC? Who knows. All I know right now is that I want more Retro City Rampage style action. And if it is made by the actual dev, I have but two requests, everything else you can do as you wish and I'd still pay good money to get the game (and even if my requests are ignored I'd probably still buy it anyway): More fair main missions where instead of throwing high-health enemies with the best weapons at you, have normal to high health enemies with creative ways of defeating them and interesting attack patterns that take real skill to dodge, and more interesting/varied side missions.

(Oh, and something else besides the lock-on system for keyboard users.)
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