Ciprofloxacino 2013年9月2日上午10:07
Game crashing, could you guys help me out?
Hello, guys.

I bought this game yesterday and it played fine until I reached the "Be quick or be dead" mission. Since then, the game instantly crashes whenever I shoot and the message "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger has stopped working" appears on the screen. I've tried creating a new save file, but it didin't work. I have alreayd reinstalled the game three time and completely reinstalled Steam, but nothing seems to work.

The log for this problem is the following. Could anyone help me out?
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Ciprofloxacino 2013年9月2日上午10:09 
The log is here: (too long to post directly)
Ciprofloxacino 2013年9月2日上午10:35 
It seems that a lot of files are missing.
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