satyreslym 2013年8月13日下午5:27
Call of Juarez Gunslinger
The Magnificent One wil not come out to fight, can't complete level.
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renocomic 2013年8月13日下午7:07 
There may be another enemy hiding somewhere that you need to kill first.
Metacitric 2013年8月13日下午10:59 
Actually I've had a similar issue in the arcade level Coffeyville. If an enemy decides to hide down at street level out of sight (had this happen twice now) such as behind the building opposite, you can't complete the wave and move onto the next bit as you are stuck up on top of the building and are unable to get to the street below. What seems to trigger this behavior is when you throw dynamite at the enemies streaming from the street on the left. I haven't experienced this bug yet while using just firearms.
最后由 Metacitric 编辑于; 2013年8月13日下午11:05
ИOS∃K  [开发者] 2013年8月14日上午1:35 
Hello guys, this is an issue that has been reported a couple of times but it seems very hard to track down or reproduce on our side. Satyreslym, what about making friends with me so that I can ask you for extra help regarding this?
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