Call of Juarez Gunslinger
Is there any way to disable the black lining on the screen?
Thinking of buying it and was wondering if you could.
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ALso was wondering if this was open world. Really want an open world western on the PC
Nope, not an open world western. It has more in common with that old Lucasarts game "Outlaws" than something like "Red Dead Redemption".
it is only $15 so it is linear their budget was well spent :D
I agree. It's a blast. While I enjoyed the Red Dead games, this just feels so much more satisfying. It really nails the "Spaghetti Western" (think "The good, the bad and the ugly") in the way the combat works and the weapons just feel right in their handling despite this being an arcade-style FPS shooter.

Honestly, I've had more fun with this cheap shoot-em-up than I've had with most AAA titles from the past year.
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