bruner93 Nov 11, 2013 @ 5:28am
Lot's of Fun, Cool Graphics
I buy a lot of games---about 50 games in the last year, and while I enjoy most, this is the first one I've been compelled to write about. Got it last night, and stayed up past midnight shooting everything that moves. Had a lot of fun, and like a cool novel that's only 25 percent read, I'll wish it were longer when I get to the end. The interface begins with three options: "Story" "Arcade" and "Duals" so it's really three games in one. Most if my time has been spent in "Story." I recommend the game highly, especially if you like the old west. I grew up on Gunsmoke and was glad to be transported back to an era that's probably a lot more fun to romanticize about than would have been the case with actually living there.
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