Riotta Jan 31 @ 2:45pm
Possible Linux OS port?
Hello, I'm wondering is Techland will port this game to Linux/SteamOS?
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^oo^[Linux] Apr 2 @ 12:14pm 
+1 for a native, not a wine or wine wrapped, linux version.

No linux, no buy.
1337 Apr 2 @ 7:15pm 
Linux market share among desktop pc is about 1%. So the amount of cash to spend for Linux support will be likely much higher then they earn by selling copies to Linux gamers. I think the DirectX (from MS) dependency is the biggest problem.

No market share -> No games -> No games -> Gamers wont use the system -> No market share... Its a vicious circle.
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DrMcCoy Jun 30 @ 6:21pm 
1% of 75 million is still 750,000.

And the Humble Bundles show that Linux users are willing to pay.
The recent Civ V and XCOM ports went over well too.
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