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Call of Juarez Gunslinger

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Cloud Jan 25, 2014 @ 7:56pm
Good Game!
I just finished gunslinger and I liked it a lot. This was my first time playing a "Call of Juarez" game and I have to say that I am impressed

Nothing about the game stands out as "great" but it's a very enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

The story is solid and would appeal to any western fan, and ranges from comical to dramatic moments. Its kind of cheesy at times, and while the voice acting is good its certainly not excellent.

The gameplay is pretty fun if you enjoy a simple, straight-forward single player experience. I feel that the campaign lasts the perfect amount of time and normal mode is sufficently difficult that you will encounter a few challenging parts while going through the game at a good pace.There is a new game plus mode as well as higher difficulty settings for those who want more out of the game.

The graphics are decent and have a pretty good frame rate on my mid-range gaming desktop, however on my high-end gaming laptop I had a slow frame rate which was odd, maybe a problem with mobile cards?

There are quite a few bugs and some WTF moments encountered during play, but nothing that negates the experience too badly. I never had the game crash on me so thats a huge plus.

For the price you should definitely consider buying it since you would be hard pressed to find a better budget FPS. If you see this game on sale than it would be a must buy!
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Tiffany_Rye Jan 25, 2014 @ 8:30pm 
I found it to be more frusterating then fun. I love the graphics but the problem is the enemies blend in to the background so much you have no clue where your getting shot from half the time. plus at the end of pretty much every level you can guarentee either a duel which are annoying or an ambusg.
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