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InjunMick 13 ago, ore 13:20
Leap of faith at The Magnificent One episode, WTH???
The part where you need to jump from one scaffold to another, am I the only one that can not make it?? Repeated try's and no success, stuck at this part.

Anyone have the same problem? Is there a solution?
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Thomas McCall 13 ago, ore 13:30 
Just go back a bit, then leap off the edge and whatever you do keep going, hope it was *kinda* Helpful.
Irvitzer the Toy Soldier 13 ago, ore 13:33 
Yep. Just take some run before jump.
Also, you will fall through one level of scaffold and seized on the lower one — that's okay.
Thomas McCall 13 ago, ore 13:34 
yeah man :P
destroier07 15 ago, ore 17:53 
Messaggio originale di Iron Maiden:
yeah man :P
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