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Sweet Tooth 2013年1月1日上午8:25
Issues with keyboard not working for leveling up
this game so fitted for the xbox that it hardly works on the pc. I can't even level up my character, or choose a different character in the selection. WASD just doesnt seem to work.
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Nøttekungen 2013年1月1日上午8:32 
You can well change Key-settings in settings?
If not connect a PS3 / Xbox 360 controller to youre PC.

If u use Motionjoy connect your PS3 controller as Xbox controller.

- Panda
Sweet Tooth 2013年1月1日上午8:36 
i tryed changing the key settings, it just isnt working. No idea what motionjoy is, but i'll research it and find out. I just think that the game is so controller oriented that it doesnt work with the pc.
P90 Master Race *Road to Nova 4* 2013年1月1日下午1:08 
Did you try the arrow keys..? -__-
Sweet Tooth 2013年1月1日下午5:52 
yeah, it works now that i set the controls to default. Sorry for the inconvinience. i usually set my keys from the start so i can jump from game to game without much difference. I'll just use the default because there are no problems with it.
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