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Serious Sam 2 - Русификатор [текст + звук]
by ^6Angel
☠ Serious Sam 2 - это полноценное продолжение истории о защитнике всего человечества - Сэме Стоуне, который в одиночку противостоит инопланетн...
Getting proper widescreen in Serious Sam 2
This guide shows you how to get proper widescreen in Serious Sam 2....
Русификация Serious Sam 2
by Majahet
Полная русификация игры: Меню, субтитры, озвучка, брифинги перед уровнями и т.д....
Secrets Guide for SS2
by ❄Festive❄ Atlas Sarnosian
WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! This is the complete guide of Serious Sam 2 secrets. This guide will help explain of what hidden objects there are through out all 42 Campaign levels. The new screenshots will help give an easier explaination of what the ...
Serious Sam 2:Secrets.[Rus/Eng]
by Baz73
В этом гайде,я подробно расскажу и покажу как найти все секреты в Serious Sam 2. In this guide, I will describe in detail and show you how to find all the secrets in Serious Sam 2....
Секреты и советы на РУССКОМ языке.
by EnAmka
Начал я с другом играть в эту замечательную игру. И решил написать несколько советов =3...
Serious Sam 2 cheats
by Xan MK3
How To Cheat in Serious Sam 2/Wie man in Serious Sam 2 cheats aktiviert...
Serious Sam 2 - Stutter Fix
by Narsuaq
This is a very short guide that I have put together which should hopefully help you fix the common problem in which Serious Sam 2 tends to have. This is of course the very noticeable stuttering which largely occurs when using your mouse to look around, es...
Serious Sam 2 German, French, Italian, Russian Language Packs - Download and Installation Guide
by Postal Dude
This a guide about how to download and install the SS2 language packs that are sadly not offered in the Steam version....
how do i play serious sam 2
by chesse20
this is a very informational guide...
A small guide to SS2.
by Gin
A guide on how to get the best out of this game....
How to beat Serious Sam 2
by Mountain Dew Druggie™
Having trouble beating the various hordes of WACKY enemies in SS2? Well this guide will help you conquer every rampaging bullock in your path!...
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