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Disconnections, Network Errors
The reason I create games is because recently (after following all necessary port steps like a pro) I get disconnects when I join another persons game. This time I had a migrate host occur for some reason and then I got a network error. Not only is this pathetic but I get the 'prematurely left a game' punishment for something that is beyond my control. My advice is please allow players to be replaced with a bot while they are inactive and allow the player to rejoin. My other advice is to allow the player to choose which game they join in regards to ping rather than zone. Often I get given a tip "found a game with more human players" that spams my screen. I say spam because if I actually join that game I get disconnected. The whole point of this game is multiplayer and I love this game when it actually works but 50% of the time I am cursed with disconnects for about 50% of the games I play. The other 50% of the time I play the game is fine.
Final advice. Make a diagnostic tool in the main menu that tells the player if ports are open or not and gives advice about pings for 'found game with more humans' games. No diagnostics means we have no idea why this game is failing when it should be delivering.
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i'm sorry to say but i'm having the same problem.
Others seem to have it as well in this forums, but so far i hv not seen a single developer reply about this or anything else
Im having no problem like that. Maybe beacuse im british.
It's actually not that hard to make a diagnosis addon in the program and there is no $50,000 fee for putting updates on steam like someone said in another thread I read. Steam get's a percent from sales and does not ask for such upkeep in addition and if there was such a fee they can make the update available from their personal website.

I know the team that made the game is small but they've actually done harder things than make such a diagnostic option in-game. If anything the diagnostics would increase customer satisfaction as they can know if they or their computer sucks or if the game sucks by being too fussy about spikes in latency.
Now we might get the answer "we wrote possible ways to fix this and it should be upto the user". Well, for me, I've used computers since I was 2 and literally can put a PC together with my eyes closed etc and I actually make games myself and this crap with disconnections is like making a beautiful cake and then taking a big dump in the middle of the cake and saying "thanks for the payment, dig in"
When I play the game, sadly but in an evil way happily I see other players disconnect like they are being♥♥♥♥♥♥♥by the disconnect gods so I know it's not just a handful of people. There is a small range of conditions where the game works flawlessly but if you want to play a game against real people then this problem really screws this over. I can't believe a game that copies DOTA in so many ways (think venom guy for Gnaw with the cartoon appearance of Kogmaw from League of Legends) and a bunch of shortcuts in making a game like that don't focus on the actual POINT and CRUX of the game and that is the multiplayer connection process. Before you copy any more characters from other games copy the game server and connection processes please. Brilliant game and I like it better than the games that you copied but it's like you've painted the mona lisa and then just whipped out a wang and♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥all over it before it was dry. FIX IT FTW!
IM having this problem too, and my internet bar is full. Basically my internet works but i still keep disconnecting in awesomenauts too. Getting very frustrating!
If you change your in-game settings to local region only, it does minimize the disconnects however they still do sometimes occur. For me, if I set my settings to 'worldwide' for the search settings for 'finding a game' I would disconnect every single game I entered, usually just as I left the shop immediately after entering a game.
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