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xleo989x 2012年11月16日 23時39分
Awesomenauts Gifting
How can i give it to my friend as a Gift it this Free Weekend says he alredy has it ? >.<
it doesnt allow me to sent it to him and im afraid to screw it up by mail >.<
also i want it to be a surprice i dont want to ask his mail lolx
should i buy it has my inventory of gifts for later ? how does that work ?
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Lumadurin 2012年11月17日 5時06分 
If you're buying a game to gift someone, don't buy it for your inventory; buy it as a gift.
Gamerpon Wippo 2012年11月17日 5時41分 
No that's not the point. Tried the same stuff today, but you can't give someone a present of a game that person already possesses.
The offer is avaiable till this monday 19:00 MEZ and the free weekend only till sunday, so just give it to your friend as a gift on monday.
xleo989x 2012年11月17日 10時55分 
are you Sure it last until Monday ? XD
xleo989x 2012年11月17日 10時58分 
i wish the bundle with DLC 2 be half price too T.T XD hahaha
I would gift the Game to him and keep the DLC 4 me hahahaha
Gamerpon Wippo 2012年11月17日 12時03分 
Just look at the ad and you can see it yourself. So I'm pretty sure it last until monday. That means if Valve is so honorable I thought they were.
xleo989x 2012年11月17日 17時37分 
mkay i'll buy it on monday XD lets hope it works hehehe
Mad Danny 2012年11月17日 17時56分 
I had the exact same issue with the Death Rally free weekend - couldn't give it to a friend because he 'already owned it' with the free weekend install. I just bought it as a gift to sit in my inventory and then as soon as the free weekend expired I was able to send it through from there.
xleo989x 2012年11月17日 19時40分 
Thank you Mad Danny i'll do that then, i think waiting until monday could be risky hehehe
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