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Harris ' DDM1 16 Kas 2012 @ 11:30pm
Lagging Crazy
As the title says the game for me is lagging crazy.Not that i can't see the trailer and the other mini-vids but when i play a battle or something it is lagging and i cant play.
My options are Resolution:1366X768 (I have a big screen but i just like it like that) , Windowed and VSync (Idk what VSync is) , Quality:First i put High (you know the lord of lag) , then Medium (Ok but still lagging some and steel couldnt play) , Mode: OpenGL (Dont know what that is) so please help if i have to put it on low quality or do it Mode DirectX :)
Awesomenauts > Genel Başlıklar > Konu Detayları
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