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Rodrigo The Banana 16 Kas 2012 @ 5:45pm
37th best player in the world... And I only have 4 hours logged
So, about a month back, I was debating wether to get Awesomenauts or not (i've wanted it for awhile), but decided not to because I didnt know if I would find it fun or not. So seeing how it was a free weekend, I was like "Done." and downloaded instantly to see if it was worth buying

I was playing a couple matches with my friends, and I was on the verge of deciding to buy it, when he goes to the leaderboards (I had hit Rank 1 and we were freaking out), and he's like "OMG YOUR THE 36TH BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!! (I was 36th at the time)

I didn't believe him, but when I saw for myself, I was like "If i'm this good, I probably should buy it :P"
So yeah, i'm going to buy it now, but just wanted to share my dumbfoundedness of hitting 37th on the leaderboards with the community.
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