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Post your Recruitment codes here!
Here is mine. Why wouldn't you share your code with us?

This thread only works as intended, if you randomly pick someone's Recruitment code, while leaving yours for the rest of us. 1:1 is a fair trade, amirite?

Find your own Recruitment code: Profile (click the picture) --> Recruitment (your Profile level has to be at least 5)
Get 1000 Awesomepoints per recruited person, who reaches 8 lvl

Entering code: Top-left corner, dropdown list --> Enter recruitment code --> Paste code here
Unlock Raelynn (if not already unlocked)

Ps. I've been 50/50 for ages now. Don't even bother testing my code.
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What is this
Originally posted by Karuzo:
What is this
Update 4.0. Check in-game, and figure it out, quite a lot of stuff happening right now.
bastards Apr 26 @ 2:59pm 
how do I get into the beta? It just tries to connect to galactron forever, tried reinstallig the beta and nothing happened
bastards Apr 26 @ 3:03pm 
Nvm, its right there, I'm stupid
Bane Apr 26 @ 3:47pm 
DCNB-CA8K-5AH8 Apr 26 @ 11:09pm 
No thanks
Joost  [developer] Apr 27 @ 3:06am 
Since lots of recruitment code topics were popping up, I've closed all the others and made this one the 'official' topic to post them. Please post your recruitment codes here! :)
Joost  [developer] Apr 27 @ 3:07am 
Originally posted by IWILLBACK:
I see you have a Toki Tori profile icon! Nice, I love those games! :D
Last edited by Joost; Apr 27 @ 3:07am
76eq-3vv2-ja78 :D
Enjoy your free naut
Last edited by KuriFoxen; Apr 27 @ 3:57am

it helps when you help each other out as well! Pick randomly any posted recruitment code, and spread the joy!

Last edited by Sheikiller; Jun 8 @ 3:10pm
Woof! Apr 27 @ 4:49am 
insta max level and all nauts pack. no lies
Last edited by Woof!; Apr 27 @ 7:10am
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