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Achievement "Plummeter" (Fall for 30 seconds)
by duDE
How to get this achievement pretty easy ......
Achievement - Slider
by MangoTangoFox
An illustrated guide on how to get the "Slider" Achievement in The Bridge, where you need to complete the level only using gravity changes, without moving your character manually by walking....
The Bridge Walkthrough
by ChristopherOdd
This is a walkthrough for the bridge....
The Collector achievement guide
by Myrhial
This guide explains how to get all the hidden wisps needed for the 'Collector' achievement. Hint locations are visible right away, solutions are hidden under spoiler tags for those only seeking to get a little guidance....
Достижение "Садовод"
by Alexey Dolgirev
Руководство по получению достижения "Садовод. Завершить уровень "Зеркальный сад" за пять обращений."...
Garten-Umkehrer (Garden-Inverter)
by BöserOnkel
Dies ist eine kleine Anleitung in vier Schritten für die Errungenschaft Garten-Umkehrer . This is a small guide in four steps for the achievement Garden-Inverter ....