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^Fokeens^ 2013年8月24日 23時13分
Achievements help!
As the title says, i need help with the mirrorer garden
Finish the mirrored garden in less then 5 flips
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louismax1 2014年5月22日 20時05分 
It's quite easy. Just think it through. Your path should involve falling off both precipices (or at least that's how I did it, pretty sure it's necessary). If you consider how you can do that without the menace falling off, it should become pretty straightfoward. There's definitely more than one path in terms of where you can invert; for instance, at the start it doesn't matter which of the two available inverts you use. If you still haven't gotten it (since your post, or since my hint) then I can give you more hints.
bobman10000 2014年5月23日 21時17分 
having issues with this achievement too. First time I beat it in three flips, no achievement. Second time I beat it in 5 flips, no achievement. Third time, I beat it in 5 flips, using each flip location once and only once, still no achievement. WTF?
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louismax1 2014年5月23日 22時14分 
I think you can't rewind. Try that. Also, how did you get 3?
bobman10000 2014年5月23日 22時19分 
Because I'm an idiot, and tired, and was playing the non-mirrored version. Nevermind.
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