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Paranoid Android 13 август 2013 в 5:49 сутринта
This Vs. Papers Please?
Which one do you guys think I should buy?
Heard good things from both games.
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Cepat 13 август 2013 в 7:56 сутринта 
Papers Please is not bad game....
Mykwon 15 август 2013 в 10:07 сутринта 
I have both. They're completely different. The Bridge is puzzle solving using counterintuitive physics. Same idea as Portal: you have to think outside of the box to solve the puzzles.
Paper please is more procedural and process management where you have to make decisions under the presure of time with limited or sometimes conflicting information.
The Bridge is slow paced and focuses on reasoning whereas Paper please is more stressful and offers also different scenarios based on the decisions you make during the game (20 different endings).
I personnaly enjoy them both because they offer different kinds of entertainment.
In terms of replay value, The Brdige is more limited as it doesn't offer much once you solved all the puzzles. Paper please has more replay value as you do multiple games to try to get the different endings. On the other hand, Paper please is a little repetitive and feels sometime like groundhog day where you just repeat the same things every day whereas The Bridge puzzles are all different and innovative.
Overall, they are two excellent games. You'd have to make your choice based on what you enjoy most: puzzle solving or decision making.
Hope that helps.
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