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bruz-psgp- * LookingForTeam 2013年8月13日 3時52分
Can you play this game with mouse and keyboard?
This might sound like a stupid question but I've only seen reviews/videos of people playing with xbox controller connected to their pcs
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Ty_Taylor  [開発者] 2013年8月13日 5時43分 
Yes, it's fully keyboard enabled (no mouse required). You can even set your own custom key mappings if you don't like the defaults.
Digital Zephyr 2013年8月15日 2時06分 
Yeah I played most of this with key board. Though FYI, I think controller is a little more responsive for world turning. For instance there is one wisp I had a real trouble getting, but when I switched it was a lot easier. With that said, that is really the only instance it will affect you and that is only needed for an achievement.
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