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S4mWr4th 6. touko, 2013 21.27
Playing The Bridge with a USB controller.
Does anyone know how I can set The Bridge up to be played with a Logitech gamepad? It is similar to a PS2/PS3 game controller. Thanks in advance!
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Ty_Taylor  [kehittäjä] 6. touko, 2013 21.35 

Try making sure all of your controller drivers are up-to-date and restarting your computer. If it doesn't automatically work after that, it might not be a supported controller. If that's the case, you can try using a 3rd-party program called Joy2Key

Hope that helps!
sykner 9. touko, 2013 21.22 
I second that motion. Joy2Key is a beautifull program!
S4mWr4th 10. touko, 2013 5.32 
Thanx to both of ya! That is a nice program =D
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