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maximus_prime72 2013年3月29日上午1:57
[SELF FIXED] 1280x1024 black screen
I can hear the game running in the background but can't see it. Using my Plasma TV which runs all games at 1280x1024 so tried the following fixes with no success.

1. Alt + Enter doesn't work with this game for some reason so can't get to windowed mode to actually see the menu to change the res settings in-game.

2. Checked Forum but didn't see fix for my particular prob.

3. Tried InterWebs for fix had no luck due to Bridge being too common a word (Adobe Bridge etc)

4. Tried out-game fix in local files but unable to find file that contains the resolution coding.

5. Tried running as admin, 600x800, disabled window themes etc, doesn't fix the problem.

5. Snapped off screenshot to check game was actually running, it is. So kinda out of options.

I hope I didn't pay good money just to hear some guy snoring at the intro LOL when I could have recorded myself sleeping and got the same result for free!!

Please help, looks like a really cool game and look forward to playing it.

thx in advance
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maximus_prime72 2013年3月29日上午2:50 
LOL only way I could figure out how to fix it was to refer to multiple screenshots that I took as I tried to navigate the menu options 'blind' hahaha
Got to the windowed/fullscreen option after about 6 screenshots and figured it out from there.

If anyone has a more 'professional' solution for my future reference (as this may occur again in other games) then I would be most happy to hear from you.
Cow House 2014年9月18日上午8:56 
Thanks for the screenshot idea, I was getting a blank screen and snoring sounds so it was unplayable. Searched everywhere for the settings file, found nothing so the combination of keys is:

Press Escape after listening to him snore for a few seconds.
Press Down twice, then Enter, (Takes you to Help & Options)
Press Down twice, then Enter, (Takes you to Display Settings)
Press Left, then Enter (Selects Windowed mode)
最后由 Cow House 编辑于; 2014年9月18日上午10:03
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