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DorK 2013年3月17日 16時25分
Game Always Wants to Run .NET Installer
Whenever I start The Bridge, I get annoyed with a UAC prompt. It looks as if it is trying to install .NET every time although it is already there (see screenshot[]). I can simply decline and the game runs fine, anyway, but it is still annoying. Is there a fix for this?
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MAH POINT 2013年3月17日 16時38分 
I'm having a similar issue. The game runs "first time setup" and .NET installer. When it finishes it launches the game, but crashes immediately. It did not crash the first time I ran the game. I've verified game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, but it always crashes now.
DorK 2013年3月17日 16時45分 
Sorry about that. Works fine here, otherwise.
MAH POINT 2013年3月17日 17時15分 
Disabling aero seemed to fix the crash for me.
DorK 2013年3月17日 17時17分 
Sounds like a graphics driver issue, then. I have Aero on without problems...
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