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The Bridge support FAQ - Windows
These instructions are for Windows only.

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What should I do if the game is crashing at launch or not starting?
The most likely cause of this is a failure to successfully install the game prerequisites. Go into the Control Panel, select "Uninstall a Program", then uninstall these (if they're there):
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
  • Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0
Then, download and install these:
Restart the computer afterwards.

If that does not work, try the following steps (in order) until The Bridge launches successfully:
  • Make sure you have all of your Windows updates.
  • Comodo Internet Security can cause this behavior. If you use that, disable it. If the game does not launch after disabling Comodo, try the following:
    1. Right click the Comodo system tray icon
    2. Select Disabled from the Auto-Sandbox menu
    3. In the box that opens saying "How long should it stay disabled?", select 15 minutes, and then run The Bridge
  • It may simply be a corrupted install. Try uninstalling The Bridge through your Steam client, then reinstall it.
  • Right-click on The Bridge.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheBridge folder and run as admin (with the Steam client already running on your computer as admin).
  • Logging in as a different user (with admin rights) on your computer may fix this.
  • Try manually updating DirectX on your computer. See the DirectX Installation Instructions[]
  • If you use D3DOverrider, try disabling it.
  • If you're on Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed. Windows Update should handle this for you, but in rare situations it fails. Double-check this or try updating it manually. These two forum posts could be relevant: Forum Post 1 and Forum Post 2[]
  • A similar error was found in a different game if the Windows system locale isn't set to English, so if it's not already set to English, this webpage[] may help.
  • Uninstall The Bridge from your computer, exit Steam, the relaunch Steam by right clicking the icon, going to the compatibility tab, unchecking "Run in Compatibility" Mode, and running Steam as administrator. Then try reinstalling The Bridge this way.
  • If you use Windows 7, try the steps found on this forum post[].
  • Try these steps[] to re-register the Windows Media Center components, reinstall Windows Media Center, and clean Windows Registries.
  • Trying uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player (see below).

What should I do if I don’t hear any music?
Windows Media Player is required to be installed on your computer. Download Windows Media Player[]

What should I do if my controller is not working?
The Bridge was made to support the Xbox 360 USB controller. If you’re using an Xbox 360 USB controller and it isn’t working, double-check that the controller works with other games and make sure your controller drivers are up-to-date. If you’re not using an Xbox 360 USB controller, you can try downloading Joy2Key[]

How do I edit the game settings without running the game?
You can change settings such as language, display resolution and full-screen mode, custom controls, and volume by manually editing the settings file. First, run The Bridge at least once. Then make sure The Bridge is not running and open My Documents\SavedGames\The Bridge\The Bridge Save\Player1\settingssave.sav in Notepad. You can change any value, save and close this file, then re-open The Bridge. Note that if The Bridge is running while you edit this file, your changes will be lost.

I’m using a Windows tablet or other touch-based Windows device. What should I do if the position where I’m touching is misaligned?
Close The Bridge and open the game settings file (see above). Look for “Touch Calibration” and change this value to 1 if it was not already set to 1, or change this value to 0.667 if it was already set to 1. If 0.667 isn't right, try 0.75, 0.5, etc.

What should I do if something seems wrong with my installation?
First, verify the game cache files (see this webpage). If there is an issue, you can uninstall The Bridge through Steam and then re-install it to fix the issue.

What if I haven’t solved my problem?
You can create a new post on this forum or email for help.
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