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SlyDisciple 2014年5月31日 20時42分
Im an idiot, Ill just throw that out there. Im on level 2-1 and there is a vortex on the map. How does a vortex work? Can I get out of one if I get stuck in one? Am I to avoid them at all cost? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.

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Apocalypso 2014年6月6日 17時20分 
If there is a button in the level, you or an object hitting the button will release what (if anything) is trapped inside the vortex. If there is no button, then you can sometimes spin to get out of it (if I'm remembering one of the first vortex levels correctly).

Good Luck!
Clegowi 2014年6月23日 18時20分 
Also the vortex doesn't let you out unless you press space and get out of it
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