theneweddie 27. Mai 2014 um 9:34 Uhr
[Solved] Progress not saved
Even though I quit with save, when I return to the first door I always get the first room even though I have progressed several rooms past that. Shouldn't it remember where I left off?
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Ty_Taylor  [Entwickler] 27. Mai 2014 um 10:43 Uhr 
The game should have the doors unlocked for the levels you've visited. If you quit the game mid-level, then you should start the game in the hallway for that chapter (not in the level), but the door for the level that you were last playing should be unlocked.

If this isn't the case, could you tell me what operating system you're using, and whether or not you have an internet connection and are online in Steam when you're playing?
theneweddie 27. Mai 2014 um 15:29 Uhr 
OK - got it. It's working properly.
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