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Newaark 27 nov 2012, ore 0:16
Will the update for Mac be out soon ?
When will come the Mac update (the one to solve the fatal glitch at the start of the game) ? I bought the game 4 days ago and still can' t play it, this isn' t satisfying at all...
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flibitijibibo 28 nov 2012, ore 16:53 
The Intel HD bug is pretty much all on Apple, due to a driver bug for the Intel HD 3000 (possibly 4000, but I've not gotten a bug report for this). I've been meaning to set up a bug report for Apple, but at this point the only good solution there would be to have them look at the Waveform source themselves, as the crash happens on really basic calls like glBegin, seemingly at complete random.

Once Vessel is out I may come back to this to see if there's a workaround, but I spent a good couple of weeks on this bug alone with no good results.

The only real lead I have on this at the moment is a bug similar in the Linux version on every GPU, which crashes at the exact same place, but only when the Steam overlay is enabled. I thought that the overlay might have to do with the crash, but if I remember correctly this didn't do the trick for OSX. Try it and let me know if it does anything, otherwise you may be out of luck until I/someone else really digs into the renderer and gets a good workaround for that particular GPU (or Apple fixes the driver).
Newaark 28 nov 2012, ore 21:57 
Thanks for your reply, seems like installing BootCamp is the easiest way for me to get it working, I' m new on Mac and I just can' t figure out how it' s working... x(
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