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burnin_rubber999 2012年11月11日 2時00分
extra feature wanted
It would be nice if it would support a gamepad.
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Prezombie 2012年11月29日 11時50分 
Not really, this game is an exersize in precision, and a gamepad simply can't duplicate the precise movements needed. If anything, I think it would work wonderfully on a touchscreen, doubly so with multitouch. one hand on an edge pinching and opening to change amplitude, and the other along the bottom to tweak frequency.
dilworks 2013年1月17日 13時53分 
I tried playing it with a gampead (totally doable if you use a gamepad-to-mouse/keyboard program - I'm on Linux and used QJoypad with my X360 pad).

Sadly, it's even harder with a stick :P But then, some gamers would love the extra challenge, or may even have a really precise stick and want to use it :)
Jacob Marner 2013年7月18日 6時08分 
I agree. Gamepad support on this game would not work...
gr8labate 2013年8月22日 0時54分 
+1 for gamepad support
TheKorn 2014年6月2日 0時45分 
Won't be buying waveform 2 without gamepad support. Needing to hold down the mouse button THE ENTIRE GAME is ridiculous!
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