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Mysti Kitty 2013年1月20日下午4:11
Black screen during play?
Game looks different so I'm assuming there was an update to the game, but the game won't even play for me where it had previously worked flawlessly. It'll start up, I can see the profile selection screen, I can see the world map and the instructions it gives, but when entering to play it's a black screen. The game is playing because on random occasions I can see where it says great, or decent, like I am playing. Anyone else getting this? Because it's really annoying.
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BansheeTK 2013年2月5日下午10:25 
Yep. its happening with me too
flibitijibibo 2013年2月14日上午11:31 
Try disabling the lighting/shaders in the settings. I think it's an issue with one of Waveform's shaders.
glenduncan 2013年7月19日上午8:21 
This is happening to me too. As soon as the actual playing is meant to begin it's just black and as soon as I click anything the exe. crashes.
Dick 2013年11月20日上午7:17 
I just recently started playing, this is the exact problem I have. Is there a solution?
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