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Specific Level Strategy Help
I would like to offer my insights into any level solution in exchange for the same in my nemesis: Neptune 7 - Solar Fair.

The thing that kills me about this level is the concentric rings. Those are the ones that wheel about, within each other, such that there is an outer layer of one color, surrounding a second ring of another color, and sometimes even a third ring of a third color.

My inclination is that, because the outer rings move fastest, maybe the inner rings should have my focus, and so when I swoop into the center, the outer rings will just mostly rotate into me of their own accord. I've been unsuccessful in executing this strategy so far, though.
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Floyd! May 15, 2013 @ 12:21am 
I've been struggling with this level a few times, and I see what kind of troubles you have;
I couldn't get all the coloured orbs from the concentric rings either, though I noticed something.

You can collet a blue multiplier right before the first triple ring, and a green multiplier half-way through the level (which corresponds to the color of the biggest concentric ring at the end of the level.)
Perhaps we should get the first blue multiplier along with the blue layer of the first concentric rings - then get the green multiplier in the middle of the level (and not collect the following blue and red ones) to gather more points at the end with the biggest green ring.

I would have tried that myself, but I won't be able to get all the blue orbs surrounded by the spinning mirrors.

[Edit] My bad, collecting all the blue multipliers instead of the green would clearly give more points. I don't know where is the compromise between the multipliers in this level. Whether we collect all the blue ones, but we lose an opportunity to get a bonus with the green wave, or simply collect green, then blue again, but this doesn't seem to reach the required 100%.
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The Manx Turtle May 16, 2013 @ 1:20am 
That was the perfect advice [in the edit], and the solution, Floyd. When I made the blue rings my sole focus, avoiding green altogether, I accumulated a x6 multiplier by the end and won by a landslide. (I took my first screenshot in Steam to celebrate.)
Floyd! May 16, 2013 @ 2:39am 
Well, I'm glad I could have helped somehow!
And good luck for trying to reach the perfect completition with the other levels in the future. I'm sure this thread might be useful sometime soon...
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