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PixelatedPoltergeist 2013年3月27日 8時20分
Strange bug
Whenever I start up the game everything works fine, but when I start any level the game area (not thw whole screen, just where you play) is completely black. I can still hear everything but I can't see anything.
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santickles 2013年4月23日 8時00分 
Same thing happens to me! :/ Did you find a solution?
PixelatedPoltergeist 2013年4月23日 10時28分 
santickles 2013年4月24日 2時37分 
Okay, I found a solution. Once you're in the game, you have to turn Lighting off and restart it, and it should be fixed. Worked for me!
PixelatedPoltergeist 2013年4月24日 5時13分 
Thanks, man.
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