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dilworks 2013年12月3日上午12:24
Eris and Linux?
Just bought the DLC taking advantage of the sale (99 cents? Meh, why not?), yet it says only Windows and Mac, and my Steam client isn't downloading anything

Does it mean that I've just lost 99 cents because the DLC isn't compatible with Linux? Or is something else going there? (Or did the devs just forgot to flick the switch into Steam databases?)

Not angry, just curious...
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Ari El Uno 4月6日下午9:27 
More than one year and no reply?
Skully 4月7日上午8:12 
I bought it today on linux as well as the dlc. The DLC works fine. On level select screen when you are looking at pluto, There is a arrow on left of screen that takes you to Eris the DLC levels. It then warns you that you probably should play the game upto a certain point to be ready for the new levels, but the choice is yours.
正在显示第 1 - 2 条,共 2 条留言
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