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Ape (with car keys) Oct 6, 2013 @ 12:51pm
Crap, my story mode save changed difficulty levels on me?
Continued playing, and it seemed a little easier than i was expecting after having survived a ran-out-of-ammo blunder completely unscathed. I checked and the difficulty was on 'medium' instead of 'hard'. I was doing a 2nd playthru on 'hard' to unlock the even harder modes. Now I'm not sure if that's completely screwed up or not?
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Ape (with car keys) Oct 7, 2013 @ 10:55pm 
Omg... the shootout in the hangar at the end on hard is just kickig my butt! I just haven't come up with any tactics that work well in that mahem. Too many amored guys from too many angles and if i manage to get a handle on all those guys... the grenades just strike out of blue... and if i manage to evade one grenade... there's another immediately on its tail. What the heck?

Carloads of them keep arriving. I really could use some grenades, or better yet a launcher, in my arsenal for this outrageous situation. Sure would help to hit the car before it skids to a stop and unloads its crew.

Ok... I found a demonstration of a successful run thru this craziness on hard...
... this guys starts with 3 pills and makes it thru... there are 2 pills out there for the taking and no shortage of ammo... side-to-side shootdodge and cover is key.
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Ape (with car keys) Oct 7, 2013 @ 11:37pm 
Got it :)

Took two attempts after having watched that vid to make it thru. Oddly, very few grenades came my way for some reason in the 2nd attempt in which i survived? After surviving that I had to check if it really was still on 'hard' because it didn't seem as hard as it had been in my previous dozen or so failed attempts at it.

Also, the Serious Payne acheivement popped for me so thankfully my 'hard' playthru wasn't messed up like i was worried about in the OP.
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