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Neuromancer Oct 2, 2013 @ 7:09pm
About the cinematics every 30 seconds.
I was wondering if the cinematics ever chill out and let you play for more than a few minutes without interupting you.
I really want to like this game, I enjoy 3rd person shooters and Noir cinema especially, but the constant interuptions are just destroying the flow and immersion for me. I got as far as the boat ride right after the stadium.
I'm not trolling btw, just hoping the game slows down and gives you some levels you can really move around in and interact with.
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RetroGore93 Oct 8, 2013 @ 4:18am 
Try to think of it as more of an interactive movie. This is by far my favorite game ever. I know, gta v just came out (i got the collectors edition) and that it's on the same, yet enhanced, engine but Max Payne 3 kept my attention longer. I know the cinematics spam you, but try and get into it. The voice acting, writing, and "acting" are done amazingly and I feel that they're under appreciated and most people just wanna shoot sh!t up, which is understandable. Gamers want to play games, and most don't want a slow sob story that's constantly popping up between gunfights, except me. Max's character made me think a lot of Hartigan from Sin City and for some reason I actually enjoy a story about an old bad @$$. I think the biggest reason I love Max Payne 3 is because it's more realistic than most games, sure there's slow motion and a lot of unrealistic fights you manage to get out of though you're covered in holes (this can be fixed by turning up the difficulty, which makes it way more challenging), but you're not playing this superman who can save every main character. A lot of the character deaths actually shocked me. Anyways, I know it's slow at first but like i said, try and get into it and think of it as a movie. Hope my opinion is acceptable and helped you out a little!
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An interacting movie, but quite a crap one. I enjoy playing it and all, but knowing that the first two Max Payne games were the best I ever played, and has interesting, blood-pumping cutscenes, graphic novels etc. this game is just mediocore. It's quite boring. Full with lame clichés and lame story. That's why people prefer shooting♥♥♥♥♥♥up in this game instead of watching the dull story.
I really miss those old Remedy+Sam Lake times.
Volcano Oct 8, 2013 @ 5:08pm 
nope we paid for a movie. i thought it was a predictable story
I liked the game and the story which the cutscenes helped to tell. I've played thru twice, first on medium and then hard.

I didn't collect all of the golden guns or clues in those two playthrus and decoded to go back to those chapters with missing items. But the cutscenes and sudden advancment into the checkpoint are pretty annoying in this context. I have absolutely no opportunity to explore one area of the cemetary for missing items. As soon as the last bad guy goes down... bam... cutscene into the next checkpoint. I've got 4 missing items in this chapter and no idea of they're in that unexplored area.

Anyway... I've since decided to not bother going back to gather those things because this aspect of the game makes that goal frustrating instead of fun.

Which leaves me wondering what else to do with the game... the arcade modes maybe...

I haven't really figure out what the game rewards you for with points in the arcade mode score attack? I think if it wants you to use bullet time and shootdodge and gives higher points for that (honestly haven't figure out what gets more points). Anyway, those mechanics are fun to use, but i think they're crutches that make it easier to get kills and shouldn't net higher scores. I have noticed that taking a pill reduces your score which i think is not right.

Anyway... i'm not buying what the game values as worthy of higher points in that arcade mode so decided to not go for high platinum scores on them all.

That leaves the new york minute arcade mode. Complete the mission fast w/o failing. That one i think i can get into :) When it comes to the cutscenes in this mode... "skip" and keep going fast.
Jay Oct 18, 2013 @ 4:00am 
was fun the first time i played it, now its really annoying, a interactive movie seems to fit it perfectly idd
Zastavan Oct 18, 2013 @ 8:47am 
The action is better than Max Payne 2 by far and its pretty good. Interactive movie? thats Biinfinite not MP3. The cinematics are a bit to often but for the type of game they were going for it kina works out. Its like Max Payne has always been, a video game based on crazy action movies with diving and stuff.

You can pick at the games diffrent parts that are negative but all together so far it comes together to make a pretty good game. Its not like every game especially MP games havn't had flaws. 1s biggest problem was repatition, 2 just had a funky hard to follow story and changed Maxs face to an actor instead of ole sam.

Interactive movie could fit as a description for any linear video game or any video game in general...because thats what they game...interacitve video that you play with.....

MP3 does seem a bit to easy though with the last stand stuff especially after just playing through MP1 and 2 some points even aim for you. Its pretty great though still.

MP1 had the best slow motion diving and slow motion all together, than 3 and then 2 I think.
lefty1117 Oct 18, 2013 @ 5:58pm 
Max Payne 4 = playing as Michael in GTAV, with the shaved head haircut option and scruffy beard. Even has the bullet time slowdown ability. ANd you can buy cheap suits to wear.
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