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Skexer 2013年9月15日上午3:17
Error: Linking your Social Club account to steam. (Again!?)
Every time I try to log on this error occurs. This make the game unplayable!
Does anyone know how to fix this or why this is happening?
I am starting to get mad about all these games with multiple drm's!

Evidently R* doesn't seem to have completely forgotten us:
The linking issues seem to have been fixed as the game is now working for most of us. Logging in to the game through the Social Club works now and Multiplayer is up and running.
If you still have problems, verify integrety of game cache or contact R* support!
Now enjoy the game and go pop some painkillers!

Update 2:
Yeah! The problem is back again! Can't sign in to Social Club!
What the hell Rockstar? Fix this problem please!
最后由 Skexer 编辑于; 2013年10月17日上午11:59
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Daz 2013年9月15日上午3:20 
i have same problem...
Daz 2013年9月15日上午3:26 
When I start it first time, I had problem to combine it...but somehow I did (i confirmed my email adress etc) But when I run game 2nd time I just couldnt log in. It was saying there was some error with combining/connecting Social Club to Steam. So i run game again and when the window poped up (these window with serial keys list) i choosed classical max payne character, then i logged in by (join the club menu, i didnt make new account, just used a log in option in that menu) then i logged again by (log in menu) and i was in game O.o. But when i restarted game i couldnt join, so i run it again, choose another serial (Pain bottles or something like that) make this again, log in twice on my Social Club and it worked again. But i was tired of this, how ridiculous would be using DLC serial to make game running, and i would be out of them soon. So i choose option on steam in max payne properties (check my files integrity), reinstalled Social Club and now NOTHING work. Even the way with choosing other serial key.
.:Blacklist:. 2013年9月15日上午3:32 
I have the same issue too.
etherimos 2013年9月15日上午3:36 
Same here

Rockstar's support page on it is pretty useless too. Close everything and start it all again, if that doesn't work reboot your machine...
projector 2013年9月15日上午3:40 
Mr. Badass 2013年9月15日上午4:05 
great,that i pay 49d just for a 27gb rubbish?!! must someone solve this god damn problem .
Ambroxmr 2013年9月15日上午4:32 
i have ths too
Sharkhanatic 2013年9月15日上午4:49 
I got too! Wtf is going on?
Wardaddy 2013年9月15日上午5:03 
So i'm not the only one, that's good thing. Bad news is that we don't know when will they fix it.
roux17 2013年9月15日上午5:05 
me too.
Glad to know im not alone, but also sad. Goddamn it rockstar!
it wont let me say g.o.d.d.a.m.n. ?
Szuper 2013年9月15日上午6:41 
Same problems here... i think the Rockstar know about that.
dirtyCAT 2013年9月15日上午6:47 
Same deal.
dzsejt 2013年9月15日上午6:53 
Some problem...
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