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quinnd6 2012年12月1日 13時30分
I installed max payne 3 there now and I pressed the start button and it all it says is initializing.
The game won't start.
It just says initilizing.
Please help.
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Johnny_gun 2012年12月1日 13時45分 
you'll find a file called v_credits list or somehting like that when u find the game folder in the max payne 3 directory. Delete that file
quinnd6 2012年12月1日 15時56分 
I have no idea what that file does so I think I'd be better off not deleting it.
Anyway I pressed the home button and that fixed it.
caio.mancini 2012年12月1日 16時27分 
I'm having the same problem... someone can help?
unknownFlip 2012年12月1日 18時48分 
I'm having the same issue as well..i tried to find that v_credits file and it's not in my MP3 installation folder
quinnd6 2012年12月1日 18時59分 
I pressed the home key on my keyboard and logged into the Rockstar social club and then it worked.
Voodoo God 2012年12月1日 21時46分 
julstad 2012年12月3日 14時54分 
Home key doesn't work here either. It doesn't work. There is an issue with the Rockstar Social Club and it doesn't work. I'm on Windows 8 too. That is probably part of the issues but I've read every thread on this in the forums and can't find a solution.
MonsterKill 2012年12月3日 18時52分 
i have the same problem here, i have w7 64bits... home doesn`t work here... please help!
Imike90bpcs 2012年12月4日 3時50分 
I'm having the same problem HOME key doesn't work:( Rockstar Games any opinion?
capraflessibile 2012年12月4日 5時55分 
Same problem, still doesnt work, lot of troubles with this version, i'm sure that the pirate one works without any problem. Just wait for rockstar solve the bug
Splinter 2013年4月27日 13時43分 
Dear Rockstar,

this not working. I tryied everythink on Rockstar support page. It stick on initializing. I can not put the home button. nothing happens. I can not press ESACE or ALT. nothing happend. please fix that. !!!!
Splinter 2013年4月27日 13時48分 
I have the DVD version, I have this problem too. in the past was everything good but after 2 month I wanted to play again and it stick on that page. I did everything in this page:

It still not working for me.
oswatti 2013年4月27日 13時51分 
try this tutorial worked in my case
Splinter 2013年4月27日 13時52分 
I already did. Im not stupid. I try to work this out since 2 weeks. nothing works. I contact customer support. Nothing helps.... :/
oswatti 2013年4月27日 13時53分 
hm? that tutorial worked for me. i tried today
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