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SlapDickMcRunFast 2013年12月9日 11時00分
GameFly, Sale + Gamefly Voucher = £2.39
Just letting you know, in case your're on the fence about purchasing, such a small fee for a brilliant game.
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puNDuKE 2013年12月10日 7時58分 
Man.. I didn't even know about the voucher but oh well $3 is still a deal... another thing I noticed it came with like 4 dlc that sound pretty exensive i.e. special edition dlc? I'm confused cause it said nothing about this other stuff but that's awesome. Anyone else as confused as I am?

Just tried playing Multiplayer but no one's on?
最近の変更はpuNDuKEが行いました; 2013年12月10日 8時10分
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