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Firelice 2013年12月8日下午3:46
I just beat Max Payne.
The story was so worth the purchase it was so enlightening the gameplay was fun as well as challenging it was linear though. So if you do not like linear gameplay I do not advise getting the game.
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TheStealthGamer 2013年12月8日下午5:25 
Still say the first was/is the best. 3=too many cutscenes
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jjack01 2013年12月14日上午12:07 
I think the game is very good. enjoyed it.
yarro 2014年1月6日下午10:23 
Max Payne = nice long movie
Forearm #5 2014年1月6日下午11:31 
Max payne 1 - 2 were Comic style Liked them.
Maxpayne 3 is Movie style with ok follow from previous titles.

Cover mechanic is bit retarrded clearly you can fire weapon yet max points it at the roof.
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