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Animyr Jan 5, 2014 @ 11:44am
Co-op DLC not showing up in game
I've owned max payne 3 for about a year and I bought the deathmatch made in heaven DLC on steam about a week ago, but I can't get it to show up in the game. I've tried

Rebooting the game (following the reboot button for it on the dlc on the dlc tab in the R* store)
Restarting steam
Restarting computer
Verifying game files
Running in compatibility mode
Running as administrator
Running in both compatibility and administrator
Entering my access code under the dlc page. However the only one I got is for the main game (checked under the key tab in the steam overlay), and it says "code already in use" when I enter it. Not sure if I'm supposed to have one for DLC or not.

What's more, I'm not even sure where the dlc is supposed to show up (I bought it for the co-op). Is the co-op supposed to show up in the multiplayer menu? Arcade? Also,
in the R* store, Deathmatch made in heaven is still unchecked.

Of course I'm also running the game from the exe in the common folder, because, like everyone else, I get the key server error when I try to launch it from the steam library.

Anyone know what I should do? Are the dlcs just off limits thanks to this key server problem?
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eek Jan 5, 2014 @ 7:43pm 
I got the same problem also. Before when trying to play with a friend neither of us would be showing up as online in the social club. But like you I can't even find the option to play coop after putting in the key and restarting. -____-
Animyr Jan 6, 2014 @ 10:37am 
Well, clearly accessing dlc (or any part of the game) is difficult right now.

I'm wondering if there's at least a few people who have working dlc. If not, I guess we can just wait for the issue to be fixed.
I dont read all ur post ... only go to say ...
u activate de DLCs using the key (on in-game store / SocialClubWindow) ?
If the answer is "YES" .. launche the game via EXE instead from Steam.
Now DLCs have to work ;)
Animyr Jan 6, 2014 @ 7:00pm 
Mushroom, I appreciate the advice, but you'd know if you stopped to read my post that I've pretty much tried that already. The only thing I'm confused about is where you say the keys are. I saw no sign of them in the rockstar store or the social club window, and like I said, under the CD keys tab in steam there's only the code for the main game. Where, exactly, are the dlc redemption codes? Please be as specific as possible.
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