Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

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PenguinTD Sep 17, 2012 @ 11:40pm
My little review.
I'll skip pretty much anything else everyone already know, good sound track, twitter integration, etc. Without spoiling too much, here is my little constructive criticism.

1. Mid game "annoying" confrontation is not good. Yes, it might make you familiar the fight a bit better, there is no obvious difference between different moon phases, it's just there to make you stop while trying to get to the next area. Since there won't be any level up or character progression, it's just a drag to otherwise fluid experience. I'd rather spend the mushroom and have a random "happy" song singing in the background and get rid of those uncessary confrontations.

2.Main boss fights lost its excitement after finish the first one and confront the second one.
And yep, no real expectation for any following one. It's all repetitive, maybe a tiny bit difference about the "big move", but the rest is pretty disapointing. I'd rather have it that the trigon became something else other than just a trigon after the first one, or at least add some different tone or frequency of attack that matches sound track. And no manual save in that longest session 3 is a pretty bad decision, but I have to admit that dogfella makes me go to the "changing room" again is a good "bug".

3.For a advanture game there are so much unexplored, so many limitation, and no real sense of change between real and dream world, except color palette. I wish there are more interaction that does nothing but amusement when you are in "singing" mode, I wish there is a way to interact with dogfella like tossing a bone, anything, just to make wondering around more fun.

4.Maybe that only available in certain moon phase thing makes me miss a few area, but there is no urge for me to go back and finish it again, since there won't be anything really new waiting for me there.

5.I wish there is a mode that when engaged, either in singing mode or some other item, transform the world into a more vibrant and interactive environment, like trailing effect making different tune, stepping over water side makes different music sound that correspond to in game track, just make people want to experiment more.

TL;DR. A good game for touch phone generation, but mediocre for traditional adventure fan.
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SpeedyVelcro Oct 12, 2012 @ 8:14am 
Good job with the constructive criticism. I think the whole moon-phases thing is just a matter of opinion, but to be honest, I absolutely loved the trigon battles. the fact that they were in extremely good sync with the music made me really enjoy them.
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