Spoonie Aug 31, 2013 @ 7:20am
Multi-Monitor support (Nvidia Surround / Ati Eyefinity)

I have purchased your game on iOs and PC, but I would really love to play this game on PC with nvidia surround @ 5760 x 1080. I can actually select this resolution in game which is great, but the game is Vert- and all zoomed, so it makes it impossible to play :/ Needs a FOV/aspect ratio fix.



Would this be possible to fix?


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3KnucklesHam Jan 20 @ 3:22pm 
bump *cough
Spoonie Jan 20 @ 3:31pm 
Originally posted by booch56:
bump *cough

Love it :P But bad news man, I got a hold of the dev's via email and they wouldn't even have a look at it. Flat out said that the game is designed for 16:9.

It kinda bugs me, because they didn't even try. The dev's of FEZ and a few others that I've contacted - not to mention a whole bunch of indie dev's that I've had contact with on the steam - all at least TRY, or put it on their list of things to do (if the game is in alpha/beta) etc.

The dev's from FEZ were awesome, they took a bit to get back to me, but they thought the same thing and even said, that the game is designed for 16:9, but after they 'unlocked' it, even they were surprised at how well the engine scaled.

Now, if you look at this game - I think it would work, but I don't have the ability to adjust the aspect ratio, and I wont burden Hayden (flawlesswidescreen.org) because he has already enough on his plate, fixing games for lazy dev's.

BUT that doesn't stop fellow MM users from harassing them via twitter or email
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