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efudd Feb 14, 2013 @ 9:58pm
Start in windowed mode under linux?
Folk, does anyone know how to START the game the first time in windowed mode? I have 4 monitors on my computer and it starts up across all 4 monitors and none of the buttons line up with the mouse movement.. so I can't ever click the 'windowed' option in the in-game setup.... and the game is unplayable because nothing lines up when stretched across all 4 monitors.

any pointers to command line options and/or config files (with default linux/steam location please) would be useful.

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fiddler6  [developer] Feb 18, 2013 @ 11:07am 
Hi there. Are you not able to access the config file or do you not know where it is? Inside the config.txt file you can edit a value that says FULLSCREEN = true and set it to false. Please let us know if that works.
efudd Feb 18, 2013 @ 9:40pm 
Ah ha. That was enough finformation to find the config file. I assumed there was one but it was in a nonobvious spot. Couple of suggestions so other folk can avoid this:

I'm running 4 monitors on a GTX680; my screen width is 7040 and height is 1200 across all 4 screens. By default, the game started in fullscreen mode. I was able to click on the 'settings' icon, but past that, mouse presses did not line up with any of the on-screen button placements.

In modifying the configuration file by hand to set FULLSCREEN = false, the game started up in a resizable window. However, it was basically a zoomed window as the game was still running in 7040x1200 with a visual "display" of ~1280x1024.

... so I couldn't click on any settings again.

I should have made the change initally, but manually modifying FULLSCREEN, SCREEN_HEIGHT and SCREEN_WIDTH allows the game to work properly.... I'm not sure exactly where the breaking point with screen width is for the UI widgets.. but it's somewhere.

A small config tool in the steam setup (not sure if they allow for that) would be useful.

Thank you for the help...Ultimately I found config.txt in ~/userdata/<7digitnumber>/<6digitnumber>/local/config.txt".

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